Hi there 

    Some time ago i used to use the home brew receiver with my COX remote control (I even contributed configuration file which was working find in my 
mythbuntu 8.04.

    Since I upgraded to mythbuntu 9.04 it just would not work (like I said I used to use the combination of my home brew receiver and my remote successfully before
so I know it supposed to work). But the farthest point I could get to is building  lirc of 0.8.5 or 0.8.04, loading modules and getting mode2 to reply
it does return sequences of codes. But after that irw does not work with my config file which I contributed some time ago.

Not even irrecord, which sometimes gets into the point where  it recognizes some signals , but returns not dots but some garbage with "^" sign 
so my lircd.conf does not work and I can not teach irrecord to recognize my remote, I am stuck.

    If developers of lirc are interested I could provide details whichever they need. Suggestions what else can I do would be appreciated too.