Is xbox support code going to be put into either of these other two? 


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Jeff Dwork <> wrote:

The lirc_atiusb driver (lirc-0.8.7) doesn't work with recent kernels because of the kfifo. The size of a kfifo must be a power of 2, but the driver wants 5 or 6 or 3, and kfifo_alloc rounds the request down to a power of 2. I can make it work by not using the kfifo: #undef LIRC_HAVE_KFIFO in lirc_dev.h I also made it work by changing code_length and decode_length in lirc_atiusb from 5 to 4. My remote, Snapstream Firefly, type ATI1, emits 4 byte codes. But this may not work for other remotes. I've tried increasing the allocated size of the kfifo to 8, but that doesn't work. Perhaps the read and write sizes also need to be powers of 2? Since lirc-0.9.0 always uses the kfifo, I can only make it work by changing the code_length to 4.
I believe, Jarod is considering this driver obsolete. The best bet should be the ati_remote driver, as with that you have an in kernel driver, which (with small adaptions) provides easier access. If you want lirc from that driver, you can use eventlircd. Another possibility would be the atilibusb driver. I would say if out of 3 possibilities one is going away its not to bad. From my perspective ati_remote should be better maintained, then its ok. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enable your software for Intel(R) Active Management Technology to meet the growing manageability and security demands of your customers. Businesses are taking advantage of Intel(R) vPro (TM) technology - will your software be a part of the solution? Download the Intel(R) Manageability Checker today!