On 04/11/2014 07:21 PM, Paul Gration wrote:
Hi all,

I've been working on a project for a course I'm studying at University in which I have chosen to work on a web interface for LIRC.

tl;dr - skip to the last paragraph.

I started researching this quite some time ago, looking at different hardware options and I wanted to focus on the ability to have multiple infrared transmitters (that wouldn't interfere with each other) and a way of easily managing them. For example if you had a home entertainment system / or equipment rack with lots of items that need controlling.
I documented some of my early findings / experimentation with this on a wordpress site (more as a diary for the uni project) - http://pmgration.wordpress.com if you're interested - the project was originally planned to be a much larger one encompassing different types of communication methods (RS-232, network etc) but I decided to scale it down for the course to fit into the time available.
So far the project caters for the use of lircd, irrecord, irsend, irw, mode2 and my own web based version of xmode2 but could be expanded to include some of the other lirc tools.
The front end is entirely HTML5 (no plugins), and the backend uses node and a bunch of npm packages.
If any of you are familiar with Alex Bain's work (lirc-node, lirc-web) you may find similarities in the remote control page of the project (although we didn't know at the time, Alex and I started looking at this kind of thing around the same time and he's been very helpful to bounce ideas off of), if you aren't already aware of his projects they're definitely worth checking out - http://alexba.in

Anyway the project is nearing completion, due to the deadline of the course, but I think the project could go further at some stage (I have a lot of ideas for improvements to the UI / functionality / online submission to a central repository of remote configurations etc) and I was hoping for some feedback from the lirc community that I might be able to incorporate into the documentation for the project.
If you could spare 5 minutes to have a look at the video (it's a screen capture so you'll need to view in HD and expand the video) and let me know what you think, all questions and comments welcome, positive or negative or ideas for improvements.




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where is the point ?
lirc already works via the network and i see no serious use-case to put it on the web at all.