thank you for the quick reply

if i understand correctly lircd doesn't use the lircrc (or does it ?), and i am reading directly from /dev/lircd without using any other tool that came with the lirc package. i couldn't find any explenation to the values in lircd.conf. where can i find them ?

On 6/29/05, Mark Knecht <> wrote:
On 6/29/05, jelly fish <> wrote:
> hi
>  i am trying to make an application using lirc and noticed something
> strange.
>  i am using an imon remote control to experiment with.
>  when pressing any key, and keeping it pressed, the first 2 repeat counts
> are 00 :
>  000000002ab195b7 00 MultiMon iMON-PAD
>  000000002ab195b7 00 MultiMon iMON-PAD
>  000000002ab195b7 01 MultiMon iMON-PAD
>  000000002ab195b7 02 MultiMon iMON-PAD
>  00000000289395b7 00 Ch+ iMON-PAD
>  00000000289395b7 00 Ch+ iMON-PAD
>  00000000289395b7 01 Ch+ iMON-PAD
>  00000000289395b7 02 Ch+ iMON-PAD
>  there is a short break between the first and the second 00 lines. Is this a
> limitation of this specific remote control ? is this the default behaviour
> of lirc for any remote control ? a bug ? is there a way to change this
> behaviour through the config file ?

Did you set the REPEAT= value in your lircrc file to '2'? That would
be my guess.

If not that then possibly it's some default value in the /etc/lircd.conf file?