I've got a Marantz remote control RC003PM. This a kind of multi-standard remote as it sends classical 14 bits RC5 for the TUNER function but uses at least two other standards for other functions. The main of these two others is a RC5 modified to be longer up to 22 bits in length (17/18 bits of data). It seems this is called Marantz Extend Data Word (see chronogram below).

    My question is : How to introduce two space bits (below in cyan) inside an RC5 (that never returns to zero by definition) ? I tested but found no options of lircd.conf to do so (pre, post, pre_data, post_data). Is there a solution ?

    Thanks all !


Protocol description (http://www.perrache.com/lirc_tmp/proto.png) :

AUX function, buttons chronograms (http://www.perrache.com/lirc_tmp/chrono.png) :

The remote (http://www.perrache.com/lirc_tmp/remote.jpg) :