Usually the problem is related to the pulse and space length.  The homebrew receiver is typically increases the pulse lengths by 100-200 (and decreases the space lengths by the same amount).
In an analyzed configuration file, you'll see things like:
header 2520 440
one     714   486
try adding to 100 to the second number and subtracting 100 from the first number in each line. looking at a configuration file would be much more helpful.

On 24 Sep 2007 21:56:00 +0200, Christoph Bartelmus <> wrote:

Gerben Jan de Vries "" wrote:
> The last few days I've been trying to build a transmitter so my computer
> could control my digital receiver(Denon AVR 1802). I have made both circuits
> posted on but they both don't seem to
> work. If i place a standard red LED in the circuit I can see it flickering
> when I send some signals with Winlirc. But as soon as i put in an IR LED, it
> doesn't seem to worlk. I have tried 4 different LEDs but no response from my
> receiver. I tried all kinds of repeats and i held the circuit right in front
> of the receiver, still nothing. Why won't my receiver respond to the signals
> i send it? I learned winlirc the signals from the original remote control,
> and that works perfectly. What can I try to get it working?

Use LIRC to create the config file. WinLIRC most likely did not get it
right. And next time show us the config file.


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