Am 04.10.2011 01:53, schrieb Wolfgang Hauck:
Hi all,

this e-mail refers to the e-mail "LSystems, MonCaso 312 version 2, FTDI, mplay, linux" from CJ Oster <cjo@ct...>  (2010-11-29 21:30).

Here is what I have figured out:
Now I need some hints how to proceed. How can the knob be integrated into the mplay2 driver?
My feeling is that just a few lines of code are missing for the complete knob support. Any help here is highly appreciated.

Hm, let's summarise my three most important questions:


Sorry that I cannot reply to existing e-mails, but I have not received any mail from this mailing list. Yesterday I changed a setting in my e-mail provider account, let's hope the best.

Anyway, this is meant to be a reply to justme's e-mail from 2011-10-05 17:59. Arne, thanks, this could be a crucial hint.

So I am going to play with the approach from there. My plan is to extend the LIRC driver for the MonCaso 312/320, based upon the modification I sent to this mailing list before.