On 2011-05-12 23:59, Bengt Nilsson wrote:

12 maj 2011 kl. 15.39 skrev Douglas Clowes:

On 2011-05-12 20:22, Bengt Nilsson wrote:

I have a Intel DP55SB mobo with a CIR header and a nuvoton-cir device on it.
I just assembled a simple receiver with a 82 ohm resistor and a Everlight IRM-3638N3, and a filter capcitor.

Works fine using "ir-keytable -s" and a MCE remote.

However, there is a problem to set it up in lirc as devinput, since the target number for it in /dev/input/event* is often changing between boots.

When using usb devices, it is convenient to use /dev/input/by-id, since the stable device name can be found there which can be entered into /etc/lirc/hardware.conf.
There is no such entry for the nuvotron-cir device in /dev/input/by-id or by-path.

Is it possible to set up a similar scheme with a stable name reference for the nuvoton-cir device using other methods?


For Fedora:

in /etc/sysconfig/lirc
/usr/sbin/lircd --driver=devinput --device=name=Nuvoton?w836x7hg?Infrared?Remote?Transceiver /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.devinput

I am using Ubuntu 11.04.
How can I get this name string?  Just in case this string is not the same in my system.

The text is in the driver and could change. It gets put into the /sys/class structure where it can be retrieved by:

cat /sys/class/rc/rc*/input*/name

and, you can use wild cards in the name, e.g.: "name=Nuvoton\*"

I believe that it's the same name used in the udev-symlink method, so if it changes, you have to adjust either way ;)


or Ubuntu:

in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf
put something similar for

to get the same lircd

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