does anyone have any experience in emulating the
infrared remote control of an air conditioning unit?
As far as I can see, LIRC is very much focused on
controlling Hifi/Video equipment - is there a technical
reason, or is this just the application area most
appealing to OSS geeks? :-)

As part of a research project we're currently trying
to cram a bunch of "intelligent appliances" into an
office building. The idea is to control big electrical
loads in a way that counteracts the fluctuations of
renewable energy sources (e.g. wind power), by
shifting the on/off cycles of thermostatic controllers
up to a few minutes back and forth in time. In other
words, because storing energy in three-phase AC
systems is difficult and very expensive, we store
it in the thermal capacities of buildings, fridges,
water heaters and coffee machines.

So we're going to buy a few consumer-grade
aircon units, such as for example this one (don't
worry if you can't read the text, the pictures should
give you the idea):


...and of course we'd like to control them from
a Linux-based µC (ideally by using the existing
IR remote-control interface).

Does anyone have experience with that kind
of stuff? Any idea if the protocols/encodings
used are similar to Hifi/TV RCs? The units
will not be installed before December, so
connecting a receiver diode to a DSO is not
(yet) an option for me.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.