I have two 311 receivers, I use the 1 and 6 codes. works fine. try tweeking the "sleep" in you script. Are you sure you receivers are set to the right codeset id?

On 3/29/06, Jeff Carlson <> wrote:
Alas, the codes listed on that page do not appear to work with the 311
receiver. Thanks for the help though!

Any other ideas? Anyone?

-- Jeff

> Hi Jeff,
> Try this howto
> There are a couple codesets here
> I don't think the code 9 set works, try the code 6 set first.
> --Pete
> On 3/23/06, Jeff Carlson <> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I'm am trying to get lirc to work with two Dish Network 311 receivers
>> but
>> so far I've only had luck getting the first one to work. I'm using a
>> dual-head serial ir-blaster from with the
>> lirc
>> 0.8.0 code on Suse 10 x86_64. One receiver is on "codeset" 1 (this one
>> works), the other is on codeset 9 (this one doesn't work).
>> I've been following the directions at
>> for setting up multiple receivers (i.e. using the JVC_RAW ir values,
>> modifying jvc_raw.c for codeset 9, compiling it/running it, add new set
>> to
>> end of lirc.conf), but apparently this is no good for the 311 receiver.
>> On
>> a side note, i've actually been following the entire document because I
>> have another ir-receiver in my system which I don't want to conflict
>> with
>> the ir-blaster, but I don't think it has any bearing on my problem (I've
>> disabled it just to make sure it isn't conflicting).
>> I also tried using irrecord to manually get the correct values... but
>> that
>> didn't work either. In fact, it didn't even work for the receiver on
>> codeset 1.
>> So, any ideas? Does anyone happen to have the ir codes for a 311
>> receiver
>> which isn't on codeset 1? It doesn't have to be for set 9, I can change
>> the receiver to another value.
>> Thanks!