Christoph Bartelmus wrote:

Paul Bender "" wrote:
(1) lirc will not build with the configure option "--with-driver=any",
because of a problem in the lirc_driver "lirc_bt829". If I remove this

Could you please post the error messages.
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c: In function `do_pci_probe':
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c:84: error: structure has no member named `name'
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c: In function `read_index':
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c:369: warning: passing arg 1 of `readl' makes pointer from integer without a cast
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c: In function `write_index':
lirc-0.8.0pre1/drivers/lirc_bt829/lirc_bt829.c:377: warning: passing arg 2 of `writel' makes pointer from integer without a cast
(2) The lirc_client.h file uses size_t now, but does not include


(3) The lirc_clientd starts fine. However, after some time MythTV stops
responding to the remote. This does not happen when 0.8.0pre1 is used
without lirc_clientd.

If you compile lirc with debug code enabled and set the debug variable  
in lirc_clientd.c to 3, then lirc_clientd will write a debug log to  
/tmp/lirc_clientd.log. This might help to identify the problem.
Thanks. I will do that and let you know the results.