Derek Scollon wrote:
Hope someone can help me with this. I've downloaded lirc but when I try to configure it for installation, the TV card I'm using isn't listed in the drivers section. It's a Nebula Electronics DVB-T PCI card with a remote control sensor which plugs into the card. Is this supported by lirc? If so, what should I choose as the driver for it?

That doesn't make it unusable, you can still use the IR receiver dongle with a HomeBrew serial interface (lirc_serial).  A look at either for a schematic, or look at: Webpal IR interface , either would work.  A little time in checking the +5v connection to the IR dongle (hint: they use +5 from the PCI bus pin(s)), some solder + parts and it would be working.

The circuit I used works fine for receiving both the webpal IR keyboard and the RadioShack 8-in-1 remote control.  I used the Hauppauge dongle that came with the PVR250.


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