At 08:12 AM 2/29/2004 , Christoph Bartelmus wrote:

Dan Conti "" wrote:
> I just wrapped up a set of updates for mceusb support. I split things out
> into a handful of patches and tgz'd them, available for download from:

Excellent. I have committed your changes and made a new CVS snapshot:

As Dan and me don't have the hardware to test all changes I'd like to 
ask everybody to test the latest version.

> * almost completely rewrote the mceusb driver. removed the multiple
> layers

There's still one place where you are checking gap lengths in the 
driver. Do you think you can do completely without this special handling 
of certain values?


I applied the patches Dan just posted to (now incorporated into CVS) in hopes that I would be able to capture my MCE remote (it came bundled with my PC, but you can find an identical looking one at  It basically has all of the same buttons as the one defined in the lircd.conf for the MCE remote, but for some reason that lircd.conf file doesn't work for me. For this reason, I have been trying to capture my own remote.

Before applying this patch, I was having trouble using irrecord to capture the codes. The output from mode2 seemed to that lirc was seeing the codes correctly, but irrecord was having trouble when capturing actual codes. The remote captures in raw mode, and every time I push a button I got the following message:

Sorry, something went wrong.
Try again.

In any case I was hoping that the new patches would help, but it seems I was better off with the previous CVS version. After applying the patch, the module seems to hang after using it for a while. I can get it working again by typing

rmmod lirc_mceusb && insmod lirc_mceusb

I'm assuming this new problem is a result of the changes that have been made, and not something stupid on my part. I can't rule the latter out, since I still can't get my remote to work (or any other remote for that matter, though at least I can capture other remotes successfully). I'll address that problem once I can capture my MCE remote. In case it helps, this is a file I generated one of the only times I successfully grabbed a button. Unfortunately, irw seems to ignore it.

begin remote

name mymceusb
eps 30
aeps 100

ptrail 0
repeat 0 0
gap 105314

begin raw_codes

name One
2750 750 550 350 500 350
550 800 500 800 1400 800
500 400 500 400 450 400
500 400 500 400 450 400
500 400 450 450 450 450
450 400 900 450 450 400
500 400 450 400 500 850
450 450 450 400 450 450
900 850 450 450 450 450
450 400 500 400 450 450
450 450 450 400 450 450

end raw_codes

end remote

Perhaps the codes for my remote are the same as for the Philips remote, and there is something else going on here.  I will also try using the patched CVS version, through it should be the same as the version I patched myself.

-Ben : )