Michael Lewis wrote:
Sorry Leonid, I didn't see this email previously.. Just found it, its a
big help thanks, i now have it running, just was choosing the wrong
device thats all!
/dev/scd0 is block device that correspond to cdrom. This device is being mounted, dd'ed etc
/dev/sg0 is charachter device, that used to access sg driver for ioctl for example.
Both devices means SAME physical cdrom (disk, whatever), yes.
2) I have serios doubt about possibility to use remote other of original 
one that comes with cd - that's
    becouse of hardware limits. But if you tells that led on cdrom is 
flashed when you press a button -
    let's give it a chance and try.
This now makes sense to me, I know have your dirver workign fine, but
here is the output of any button press:
lircd 0.7.0pre1: trying "PackBell" remote
lircd 0.7.0pre1: bad pre data
lircd 0.7.0pre1: 8435 f708
lircd 0.7.0pre1: failed "PackBell" remote
lircd 0.7.0pre1: decoding failed for all remotes

I only have the one remote in lirc.conf so thats bad news!  
No, that's actually good news - 1) hardware ok 2) software ok, polling successful. You can fix
the thing using appropriate config

After you see this in terminal you lauched daemon from, start pressing the buttons. If something is
printed when led is flashes, you're lucky - hardware works with this remote, if not - retry test
with original Creative remote.
I would be happy with that, but I think they made to many of these discs
and dumped them on the market here with no remotes..  They were dirt
cheap at one stage withou the remote, either that or some importeer did
the same, in any event I dont have the original remote to test :(.
Nothing to add here - if cdrom doesnt respond by flashing its led it means that receiver
hardware can't see the remote. Software have nothing to do with it.
Little theory: as far as I understand hardware in cdrom itself performs carrier detection
preamble check, signal decoding etc and asserting status bit. This bit is polled using mode_sense
scsi command. It is possible however that device can be reconfigured to use another preamble pattern
for example, but to do so I need some internal specs which creative refuses to release because of
it's "proprietary/internal/intellectual property" shit.
Is this sg_modes ?  Maybe I can make another remote conf, there looks to
be data coming through, I guess its a quesiton is it junk or does it
follow some rules..
The problem is that I didn't have time to learn how exactly decoding work in lirc, so I
used first thing that worked. There's "pre" value hardcoded in hw_creative_infra.c - 0x8435. Try to
set this value in conf file, and see for what values decoding fails - those must be put in conf file under
right names.

P.S. Pls write to mailing list - I think there's more people with similar device and/or similar problems :)
By the way, as you probably understand, this driver doesn't transmit anything - there's no transmitter
device in cdrom :))
Yep.. I opened it up just to make sure ;-)





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