Thanks again. This one will work for my remote?

I wrote to to ask if my remote will works with the receiver and this is the reply:

Hello, I am watching your solders kit, and I am interesting.

I have a HTPC with Debian Lenny connected to a Sony Bravia tv. I have
the Sony remote (RM-ED006), I want to use it control the HTPC. It has
four switch buttons: DVD, VCR, AMP and TV. I use TV one for the TV and
the AMP for the Sony A/V receiver. i wnat to use VCR for the HTPC.

Wich product I need? Is compatible with LIRC?

I have a electrical soldered, is enough with this?

Sorry for my english and thanks for all.

Hello Josu,

it's necessary to have a RC5 coded signal for the infrared receivers and not SIRC.
So if it's an universal remote (possible to control other devices with this remote),
you should program the remote for example to an Philips TV (RC5 coded).
Then you can use all infrared receivers.
If this remote is only for Sony devices, it's not possible to use it for the receivers.

Best Regards,
Jens Pressel

I don't understand very good, I need and universal remote? I want to use my Sony remote (RM-ED006).

I look for my remote datasheet or IR technical information but I don't search nothing.

Thanks for all, regards.

2009/8/1 Jarod Wilson <>
On 08/01/2009 04:31 PM, Josu Lazkano wrote:
Thanks again, is a way to buy one of them from Internet? I don't have an
electrical shop near me, so I prefer to buy one.

The FTDI one is a home-brew design, dunno if there's anywhere to buy one already assembled. Media Center Edition receiver/remote bundles can be found all over the internet though. Here in the US, both Amazon and NewEgg carry MCE kits for $20-25.

2009/7/7 Jarod Wilson < <>>

   On Jul 7, 2009, at 3:01 PM, Josu Lazkano wrote:

       Thanks for your reply. I search this page:

       They sold diferent models includind USB. This will work with
       LIRC? Someone has buy one of this?

   No clue if that works or not. Just remembered there's a USB-based
   FTDI receiver design out there too, dunno if this might be one such
   device that would work with the ftdi driver...

       2009/7/7 Jarod Wilson <

       On Jul 7, 2009, at 2:38 PM, Josu Lazkano wrote:

       Hello everybody!

       I have a Sony Bravia remote, the RM-ED006 one. I want to use it
       to control my future HTPC. I want to know if I need an especial
       receiver or all the receivers works.

       I have been looking for receivers and I search all with a
       remote, but I just need a USB receiver (without the remote).

       Where I can buy a USB receiver for the RM-ED006 remote? Are
       there different receivers? Best or worst?

       I'd recommend a Windows Media Center/eHome USB IR transceiver,
       which are driven by the lirc_mceusb driver[*]. They typically
       always come bundled with a remote, but you can just lay it
       aside. The receiver works with pretty much any ir signal you can
       throw at it, your Sony remote should definitely work with it.
       The only other USB receiver I'm intimately familiar with is the
       iMON receivers, and they're nowhere near as flexible in what
       they'll receive. The USB IguanaIR and CommandIR II also come to
       mind as options, but I'm less familiar with either of those. The
       CommandIR II is probably overkill (and over $$$) for what you
       need, its got 4 IR transmitters, and iirc, it doesn't accept as
       wide a range of signals as the MCE receivers.

       [*] lirc_mceusb2 in lirc 0.8.5 and earlier for most of them,
       lirc_mceusb for the original receiver, then in 0.8.6, they're
       all supported by a single lirc_mceusb driver.

Josu Lazkano