Hi Everyone,

First off, a very happy New Years (especially to everyone in Australia who are celebrating already!)

I have a quick question, because I've trawled thru the lists and can't find an answer. I have an Evesham eBox2 which I have recently converted to MythTV. (It shipped with Windows MCE, but there is only so long I could cope using M$ products before feeling the need to claw my eyes out).

Inside that eBox there is a Philips eHome Tranciever. The IR reciever is mounted inside the case on the facia, and works a treat using Martin Blatter's mceusb2. However on the back of the unit there is a 3.5 jack for a magic eye that will relay commands to a set top box decoder (UK Sky TV).

Under Win (sic) MCE would recieve commands and relay them to the sat decoder. However I'm struggling to get the transmit function running with mceusb2.

Can anyone please tell me if this function of the Philips eHome tranciever is implimented in Lin? If it is, can anyone suggest a good Howto guide so I can RTFM? If there's no how to, please give me some clues and I'm happy to write one up!

Many thanks everyone, and have a great 2006!