26 Jul 2007 21:02:00 +0200, Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>:

Hi Christoph  :)

Loc Dardant " loic.dardant@gmail.com" wrote:
> I've got a problem with irrecord, he don't run :). So :
> I've installed lirc from package (on ubuntu), it's approximatively version
> 0.8.1. next I try to run irrecord but he says to me :
> irrecord: could not init hardware (lircd running ? --> close it, check
> permissions)

You're a very courageous man, many thanks !!!

Which hardware are you using?

Apple remote on imac (core duo)

Which kernel driver are you using?

Current kernel with feisty, so  2.6.20-16-generic

Which lirc driver are you using?

I don't know which driver I must use

What is the output of "ls /dev/lirc*"?

 loic@loic-desktop:~$ ls -lisa /dev/lirc*
17727 0 srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 2007-07-26 14:21 /dev/lircd


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Loc Dardant