2007/7/26, Ouattara Oumar Aziz <wattazoum@gmail.com>:
> Hi all !

Hi Loic,

Hi Wattazoum !

> Create another plugin (reference to the meeting last night) to select
> your remote control from a list, and copy the right lircd.conf (with the
> new name space applied). With the lirc.hdwb, it can be very easy. There
> is just the problem that lircd.conf have the right place in /etc. So
> must some root privileges. If you have any suggestions for this and to
> create plugin. Wattazoum maybe you can help me for this point ?

As for the plugin for selectioning the remote control from a list, it's
part of the UMC config GUI spec :-) . But the job of managing config
files, must be on the LIRC plugin side .

:s so....  For me it's the same things, you develop the two things in one time no ?
So if I start to develop this, I will develop the two no ?

I don't know much about LIRC, tell me if I understood well, there is
only one  controller that can be configured at a time ?

No I guess you can manage more than one remote at a time, but maybe with one controller. I don't know.
But I think that there is only one deamon (lircd at a time).

If it's the case and if we need to do this at the user level there is 2
solutions I see :
- Implement a multicontroller feature in LIRC
- create a deamon that will be run at boot time ( so by the root user )
and that will be listening  at UMC request for changing the lircd.conf file.

I prefer the 1rst solution but it's a long term solution with lot of
work and Spec .

Very good idea, for the second proposition. It would be a nice method.

The second one seems quite easy.

Loc Dardant