24 Jun 2007 18:26:00 +0200, Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>:

Hi Christoph !

Loc Dardant " loic.dardant@gmail.com" wrote:
>>>> 4. GUI for irrecord
> the first point (run/stop lircd), I guess we can do more ! So if I have
> understand, irrecord is simply a program that create a lircd.conf file. It
> will be very nice if we can do this with a GUI, totaly agree with you. If
> you have some idea of the GUI, don't hesite to tell me.

The main point about further work on irrecord is that once we switch
over to the new namespace, you should make sure that users actually use
the namespace and new config files will only use button names from the
namespace. Converting irrecord to a GUI program, or probably even better
to make a GUI frontend for it, would make it easier to enforce the use
of the new namespace.

I've done some work for this point and I want your opinion (and other opinion  obviously !)
With my pc, I have some problem with irrecord, it doesn't run, saying me that lircd probably run... So I have decided to try with irw.

See my capture here :

It's a simple GUI. At left, you have the different keys of the new name space (to be sure that users would use it ;)). You press one key and at right you can see in red color "press a button with your remote control". When the user do this, I catch the signal from irw and I print this in green color.

There is in the menu "Association". It allows you to add a new key (from a combo box) at the bottom. There is also a Trash icon to delete this association, if you want because for example you have not choose the right key.

> Still not fully solved to me is what to do with button names that
>> cannot be mapped to the input name space.

> Yes it's a big problem.  Personnaly I think some of them  can be delete,

Deleting them is not an option for me. Users should still be able to
receive and send these signals, even if there is no valid namespace
equivalent for them.
Maybe if you analyse the existing config files, then there might be some
commonly used names that should be added to the Linux input layer
namespace. You should consider that the Linux input layer namespace may
need to be extended.

Totaly agree with you. the new script shows some keys for extension (currently 5)

> If I have understand (tell if not), it's what I try. If every remote control
> are with the new name space, lircrc file can be suppressed no ? because the
> apps can receive directly the keys define in the name space no?

No, I don't think this will ever happen. The possibilities that lircrc
gives you are much more powerful than a simple mapping to keyboard
events can ever be.


Or the apps can provide themselves a lircrc file. If you install keiffeine for example, it put in /usr/lirc/conf/lircrc.kaffeine. It's the idea. What do you think about that ?

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