Hi !

Does someone know if there is a way to know that irexec is receiving signal ?
It's for the applet that I want to create.

Ps: Christophe you don't respond to my mail below. Maybe be you don't have time now. Excuse if me if it's the reason. The applet begins to work (start/stop/reload irexec)

2007/6/17, Loc Dardant <loic.dardant@gmail.com>:

17 Jun 2007 15:34:00 +0200, Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>:

Loc Dardant "loic.dardant@gmail.com" wrote:
>> 4. GUI for irrecord

> What do you mean for this GUI ? Have you seen my mail about UMC ?
> I have no response of you, about the new name space. Have you seen my try
> about an applet for Lirc ?
> I want to create of team for Lirc in UMC, so I guess we can do some work
> together.

What I mean is to simply convert irrecord from a console only program to
a more user-friendly GUI based program. I guess the applet you are
thinking of is more focussed on lircrc configuration.

The applet will give (see for spec https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RemoteControlApplet) the right to run/stop the deamon (lircd). I think it's a bit difficult for some users to open a terminal and write some commands. So this applet for the beginning is just for this. But in the umc team we have some guys motivated to develop/improve lirc. So maybe this applet can be an entry for a better tool, wich include something for irrecord and provide a list of remote control that you can choose. What do you think about that ?

I'm on holiday (student ;)) so I will start this work very quickly. After the first point (run/stop lircd), I guess we can do more ! So if I have understand, irrecord is simply a program that create a lircd.conf file. It will be very nice if we can do this with a GUI, totaly agree with you. If you have some idea of the GUI, don't hesite to tell me.

Well, about the new name space: I think it is a good idea and I support

Thanks ;)

Still not fully solved to me is what to do with button names that
cannot be mapped to the input name space.

Yes it's a big problem.  Personnaly I think some of them  can be delete, to start with a basic file. Later, users can tell you (lirc), to add others keys. I think you should distribute "official" lircd.conf file for each remote control (when the new name space will be available). You know what I mean ?

Also interesting would be to run your scripts on all remote control
definitions on lirc.org, not only the ones bundled in the source

Yes it's what I called "the full analysis". For the moment we can apply my script to all remote control, but some keys are not traduced and I try to "employ" other guys to help me in this task.

One of the next features I will include in lircd is to provide a lirc
based input device using uinput. That means once we have a config file
fully based on the input name space, lircd will be able to convert IR
input directly to key events that can be received by all applications
without further configuration. Cf. my discussion with Jon Smirl on the
LKML a while ago.

If I have understand (tell if not), it's what I try. If every remote control are with the new name space, lircrc file can be suppressed no ? because the apps can receive directly the keys define in the name space no?

I'm very happy to see that we can work together. I wait your mail ;)


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Loc Dardant