Hello everyone.

To continue a little beginning with the new name space standarisation, we would
with the UMC team create a standard file with some informations about the ir

I've read the table.sh script (doesn't seems to work), and I've seen it
parse the setup.data file to obtain some informations, like kind of remote
(usb, pda...) and the correct module with the name of the remotes.

For example in setup.data we can see :
hw_menu_entry: @hw-other
     ea65: "AOpen XC Cube EA65, EA65-II"

So the type is "other", module "ea65" and the remote "AOpen XC Cube EA65,

I want to know if there is another file with informations to obtain a file
like this (after parsing) :
<manufacturer> <model name> <model extra> <driver>
It may help to know what  remote lirc support and have a better page, with
more detail (see actual file in /lirc/doc/html/table.html)

Thanks for your help !

Loc Dardant