Hi, I'm trying to setup an unique lirc.conf for several remotes.

For two different remotes and the same button I get this two codes:

play                     0x7ADD
play                     0x7A45

DD and 45 correspons to each one of the remotes.
The same lircd.conf file works fine for the two remotes if I include the two codes, but:

Is there a way to set up a mask so 0x7A is read in the two cases, omiting the trailing XX hex code?

I've tryied with
"post_data_bits 8"
but to use that you have to specify "post_data 0xDD" or "post_data 0x45", and I just want to tell the
daemon to omit the 8 bit trailling hex codes.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ruben Tato