Hi Greg,

Did you figure this one out?  I have a brand new dvico ir reciever that states itself has major 180,96 out of the box.

My lirc is compiled with dvico only supported.


Christoph Bartelmus wrote:

Greg Bell "gregbell@znet.com" wrote:
> My DVICO usb IR receiver's been working fine for a month, but just
> recently, I started getting this when starting irexec:
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: could not get hardware features
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: this device driver does not support the new
> LIRC interface Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: major number of /dev/hiddev0 is
> 180
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: LIRC major number is 61
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: check if /dev/hiddev0 is a LIRC device
> Nov  7 23:57:49 lircd-0.7.2: caught signal
> Has my hardware died?  /dev/hiddev0 is major=180, minor=96, but that's
> what it gets setup as on boot.
> Again, I don't think I've changed anything...

At least your lircd configuration has changed to use the "default"  
driver instead of the "dvico", which you need.
Check where lircd is started on your system and which driver parameter  
is passed to lircd.


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