Hi There,

I also posted this as on the Lirc sourceforge page, but I thought sending it to the emaillist could help...

I bought an Asrock ION 330 HT last week, which has a built in receiver, but it doesn't work wit Lirc. This is kind of my last resort to get support for the IR receiver, as the support from Asrock is: "We only support Windows".

The IR type is a W836x7HG. I've tried to use the Winbond-WPC876xL which is supported from version 0.8.6, but this doesn't work. I've tried the Lirc version supplied with Ubuntu and compiled the source from http://www.lirc.org/ With no luck, because the Winbond-WPC876xL is probably not the correct driver. Is there someone who can create/help me create a driver for the W836x7HG? I am willing to help, but I haven't got the skills to do it, so any help would be greatly apriciated!