Hi Buzz... thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, I'm using the configure for lircd as follows:
./configure --with-driver=dvico --prefix=/usr

(I need the --prefix otherwise it installs into /usr/local).

As for the conflicting version, this might be something I can follow up. I did uninstall the lircd package, but there were a few lirc things left over (lirc_utils package perhaps? can't quite remember... Ubuntu complained that if I removed them I'd have to also remove all other apps that can potentially use a remote, such as Totem, Xine, XMMS etc).

Perhaps this could be a problem? Even though I'd uninstalled lircd, I installed the compiled version into /usr so that it should have overwritten anything that might be left over?

When I'm running lircd for testing I'm using:

sudo lircd --driver=dvico --device=/dev/hiddev0 -n

(I can cat /dev/hiddev0 and see the output).
(using the -n option so that I can view the connection from irw live).... which is exactly the same as your suggestion below.

And yep, my lircd.conf is your example that you used with 0.7.3. (Actually, after compiling and installing a patched 0.7.0, then 0.7.2 then 0.8.0pre2, i did think about trying again with lircd 0.7.3 as that's what you used, but it was getting late... perhaps I should try this too.)

Let me know if you can think of anything else... (perhaps after chrissy :)), thanks again for helping me!

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