Hi Jarod!
Thanks for your answer.
Is there a list which transceivers support raw IR?
I don't like that one from Microsoft as it looks quite big on the images that I found.



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Betreff: Re: Apple Remote on a non-Apple computer

On Feb 24, 2011, at 6:31 AM, Timo Steuerwald wrote: 

> Hi all, 
> do anyone know if its possible to use the Apple Remote on a non-Apple computer via LIRC? 

Yes, its possible. 

> If so, which IR receiver do I need? 

One that supports raw IR. An mceusb transceiver would work just fine. 

> I have the new version, which has an aluminum body, model number is MC377Z/A. 

For the most part, its signals are identical to the prior generation 
Apple remotes. 

Jarod Wilson 

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