Hello, First of all, i'd like to say I am a noob at hex coding etc. etc.

I just came across a program called PSP Universal Remote. (Program that lets you control TV, VCR, DVD etc with your psp.

And i came to know that a group called LIRC at http://www.lirc.org/ made the hex codings for many models of remotes controls out there.

But they didn't have a .txt file for a RCU81B Philips Magnavox remote control.

Then while i was searching, i found this site that gave out Hex codings for that remote. located http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/codes/philips/tp2784c101

But now, i have no experience with Hex editing so... can anyone tell me how to transcribe that Hex codings into a LIRC .txt version? Or better yet can anyone make one for me?

Thank you greatly for your concern.

You can e-mail me the instruction or the .txt file itself to krnet2dboi@yahoo.com

Again, thank you

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