The link that Christoph provided actually contains 3 (THREE!) different configs for DViCO slimline/MCE remotes.   scroll-down.  :-)    
The first "begin remote" stanza (labeled 'DVICO") is for the slimline/original remote, and was created by a guy called Chris Pascoe who lives just across town from me.
The second and third "begin remote" stanza's are for the "chunky" MCE remote.   The second is a very "raw" config for MCE who's origin i'm not aware of, and may/may not work - YMMV.
The third "begin remote" stanza was created by me and my MCE remote (with christoph's and others help to get a patch into irrecord so that it would create it properly) , and has been used on at least 3 different MCE remotes that I'm personally aware of, and it works perfectly.
Try taking that file/link and removing the first two 'begin remote" sections entirely and try it then. ( )
Just to make sure we are on the same page..... my DViCO "Fusion MCE" Remote and USB dongle look like the ones in these pictures - here's hoping yours does too!:
David B.

From: [] On Behalf Of Nick Bradford
Sent: Tuesday, 6 December 2005 9:28 AM
To: Christoph Bartelmus
Subject: Re: Unable to get UltraView (Dvico ) remote working

Thanks for the response Christoph.  The config you note is included with the source for lirc and is what I tried as a first step to get going.  It is definately the config for the slimline remote, which I do not have (and does not work with the remote I do have)

I have enabled debug during configuration and get what looks like useful data being dumped with each button push, however, I dont know how to turn that into a useful configuration file manually. (Should I be concerned about a message that is also being dumped as part of the debug output indicating something like 'Decoding of all remotes failed' - even though there are also unique debug values corresponding with different buttons being pushed being displayed.)

Christoph Bartelmus wrote:

Nick Bradford "" wrote:
I am trying to get the supplied UltraView remote working on the frontend.

I am led to believe that the Ultraview / Dvico cards are/were offered
with two remotes.  A slimish one, and a 'chunky' one.  I have the chunky
one.  I have read (perhaps erroneously) that this is an 'MCE' remote.
They appear to use the same USB receiver.

Sorry for the long post, but better too much info than too little I
spose... Can anyone help me here?  Does it sound like just a wrong
lirc.conf file or something strange my remote is doing?

Try this config file: 

If this does not help, you will have to create a config file manually by  
compiling lircd with debug code and looking through the log files.


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