anyone using the pixelview driver.. and have it working? if so could you help me out with your config.

James V <> wrote:
hey all.. I have been trying to get lirc-0.7.1
working.. i have used both the rpms and the compiled
version for the pixelview driver.. however my problem
now is that although the daemon starts.. and the
config is fine..

Whenever I start and app ie: irw, irevent, irxevent

i get the following.. and I am not sure whats going

Jul 20 03:19:48 daedelus lircd 0.7.1: lircd(realmagic)
Jul 20 03:19:53 daedelus lircd 0.7.1: accepted new
client on /dev/lircd
Jul 20 03:19:53 daedelus lircd 0.7.1: could not reset
Jul 20 03:19:53 daedelus lircd 0.7.1: caught signal

any thoughts?



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