Installed lirc for the actisys 200L.  irw does not seem to be working.  Enabling debug has not shed any light either.
Once I modprobe lir_sir and then /sbin/lircd , log say lircd(act200L) ready
then when I activate irw log say "accepted new client on /dev/lircd"
after irw hangs , I ctrl-c  log say "removed client"
mode2 does work, irrecord has had mixed results.
irrecord will detect an RC-6 then hang forever while it looks for a toggle bit
other times it has created a file for me as a RC-5 , goes through the steps and then the definitions of names  / buttons.
I was under the assumption that irw should be tried first and if nothing , to suspect something is wrong?
I just dont see where the problem could be.