ok, thanks everybody for the help with the kernel patch (also the friendly responses have determined me to sign up to the list). now i seem to be getting the following error if i try to load any of the lirc modules (i need only lirc_serial): "unkown symbols". if you want me to post the entire error i will. I did not get any errors during the kernel recompile, so i really don't know what's wrong. now, on to my second problem...i have built my receiver and everything seems to be in the right place with the right connections, i have shown the receiver and the schematics to 3 different people and they have all agreed the thing was built right. however it just doesn't work (note that it might be software related since i am trying this on winlirc on my other machine, is there anything special i should have to do for winlirc to work??). ok, thanks for your time, and i hope somebody can help.

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