let me tell you information in detail:

$ ./lsmod
Module         Size   used by
lirc_sir       12168   0(unused)

when i run mode2 and then press the on/off button of
an air-condition:
space 16777176
pulse 39
space 934
pulse 39
space 932
pulse 39
space 946
pulse 39
and so on .the other space is about 932..and pulse are
all 39.According to the DOC,it show that the driver is

But when i type :
$./irrecord psd   
/* psd is my config file name which does not exist
before run this command */
irrecord--application for recording IR-codes for lirc
CopyRight (C).........
/* system message */
....Otherwise press RETURN.
/* then i press RETURN */
Press RETURN now to start recording.
/* then i press RETURN  again  and press button on
control. */
/*sometimes it will appear a DOT(.) for receive a
signal,sometimes nothing happens.and print following
message ,quit.*/
./irrecord:no data for 10 secs,aborting
./irrecord:gap not found , can not continue

Now ,i know LIRC is to collect outer Ir signals and
translate it into mouse event through UNIX domain
socket to lauch some program (right???) such as xmms
or others in linux.
What i want to do is to save the outer signals of
controls and use the signals to do some action instead
original controls such as open/close the air-condition
,open/close TV and so on.
So what i should is only to save outer signals.I think
in the LIRC, ./irrecord can do this.
Do you understand???

hope you can help me!

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