Hey, I am a newbie to the linux arena and I'm attempting to create a mythtv box to use in conjuction with my infocus projector (so cool). I've got nearly everything working with the exception of the ati remote using LIRC. I have searched through every forum, tried gatos and still no luck. I've reverted back to llirc_atiusb. After reading the forums, i've been using a coouple different utilities to test. When using IRW, I get no output, however, when I attempt to capture raw data with mode2, I do. I've listed some configs and various output below. Any help would that could be provided would be great. I've beat my head against the wall over this for countless hours. Thanks in advance.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but I wanted to provide as much information as I could. Please keep in mind that I am very fresh to all of this so the most basic commands could stump me for hours.

ati_remote 12617 0
lirc_atiusb 18720 0
lirc_dev 16068 1 lirc_atiusb

alias char-major-61 lirc_atiusb

LIRCD.CONF in ETC folder
begin remote

name ati
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100

one 0 0
zero 0 0
pre_data_bits 8
pre_data 0x14
post_data_bits 16
post_data 0xF000
gap 147987
toggle_bit 0

begin codes
a 0x000000000000C500
b 0x000000000000C601
tv 0x000000000000C803
dvd 0x000000000000C904
web 0x000000000000CA05
book 0x000000000000CB06
hand 0x000000000000CC07
vol- 0x000000000000CE09
vol+ 0x000000000000CD08
mute 0x000000000000CF0A
ch- 0x000000000000D10C
ch+ 0x000000000000D00B
1 0x000000000000D20D
2 0x000000000000D30E
3 0x000000000000D40F
4 0x000000000000D510
5 0x000000000000D611
6 0x000000000000D712
7 0x000000000000D813
8 0x000000000000D914
9 0x000000000000DA15
0 0x000000000000DC17
menu 0x000000000000DB16
check 0x000000000000DD18
c 0x000000000000DE19
d 0x000000000000E01B
timer 0x000000000000E11C
up 0x000000000000DF1A
down 0x000000000000E722
left 0x000000000000E21D
right 0x000000000000E41F
ok 0x000000000000E31E
pip 0x000000000000E520
e 0x000000000000E621
f 0x000000000000E823
rewind 0x000000000000E924
play 0x000000000000EA25
fforward 0x000000000000EB26
record 0x000000000000EC27
stop 0x000000000000ED28
pause 0x000000000000EE29
power 0x000000000000C702
end codes

end remote

LIRC Version
lircd 0.7.2

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