I am probably overthinking this but wondering what the cleanest way to set up some extra buttons on a learning remote.  One thing I want to do is control a matrix switch.  For the DVD player I want to make the unused a/b (input) switch execute a script to switch the input to the DVD.  I have the script working.  My question is what code to learn for the a/b button.  I could just pick up a old remote from a different brand and learn a key but that means I need to learn the remote and setup a new section for it in my conf file.  But then the button wouldn't be grouped with the DVD buttons in the conf file and could get lost.  I could use an obscure button from the DVD remote - it has tons of buttons and I have to set up a conf for it already.  Or I suppose I could look at the DVD codes and make up something similar but different from all the rest, have LIRC send it out and capture it with the learning remote.
BTW, the remote is JP1 capable by adding a connector but I haven't messed with JP1 (yet).  Would prefer a non-JP1 solution.