My HDHomeRun TV tuner forwards IR input to udp port 5000 on my MythTV box. Everything was working great with until I upgraded to Mythbuntu 11.10. Now I can't seem to get lirc to listen on a udp port:

root@mythtv-backend:/etc/init.d# lircd -H udp -d 5000
root@mythtv-backend:/etc/init.d# netstat -na | grep 5000

I tried compiling lirc from source (and selecting driver:udp in the driver configuration menu), but it still doesn't work. Since I set up lirc ages ago, I'm wondering if there's an additional step I'm forgetting. From everything I've found online (such as http://www.silicondust.com/support/hdhomerun/instructions/mythtv/), the command should work.

Thanks in advance for any advice!