Hi, i am new at this. I came across a webpage with info on how to build a simple IR receiver that works with LIRC and WinLirc. In the parts info it says about a "TSOP 1738 IR receiver". I cannot find that where i live (Greece) so i have to order it from abroad. I found a store in the UK and i was wonderinf whether their IR receiver would be compatible with lirc, so i can order it. Here's the one they have: http://www.rapidelectronics.co.uk/rkmain.asp?PAGEID=80010&CTL_CAT_CODE=&STK_PROD_CODE=M71292&XPAGENO=1

Please let me know if it's ok to order this. They sent me a .pdf with more specs by request if you would like to know more info about it.

Thank you

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