Im currently using a mce remote with ubuntu no problem, however I've been trying to setup lirc to control the volume of my Harmon Kardon Receiver. I setup my lircd.conf with two devices one for my remote and one for my receiver. When testing with IRW everything appears as it should $ irw 00000000010ee31c 00 vol+ AVR320 00000000010ee31c 01 vol+ AVR320 00000000010ee31c 02 vol+ AVR320 00000000010e13ec 00 vol- AVR320 00000000010ef906 00 off AVR320 00000000010e03fc 00 on AVR320 00000000010e03fc 01 on AVR320 however upon issuing "irsend SEND_START AVR320" on, my receiver does not turn off or on. My ir blaster extension from the mce receiver flashes and the red light on the mce receiver is on, so it seems to be trying to work. I've tried moving the ir blaster to pretty much every possible location on the front of the Harmon Kardon with no luck. Here is the Receiver portion of my lircd.conf, ive omitted the mceusb section as everything there is working ok.(can control amarok, vlc and others no problem). begin remote name AVR320 bits 32 flags SPACE_ENC|CONST_LENGTH eps 30 aeps 100 header 9140 4495 one 594 1650 zero 594 528 ptrail 586 repeat 9142 2211 gap 108216 toggle_bit 0 begin codes on 0x00000000010E03FC off 0x00000000010EF906 mute 0x00000000010E837C avr 0x00000000010E03FC dvd 0x00000000010E0BF4 cd 0x00000000010E23DC tape 0x00000000010E33CC vid1 0x00000000010E53AC vid2 0x00000000010ED32C vid3 0x00000000010E738C vid4 0x00000000010E8B74 am/fm 0x00000000010E817E 6/8ch 0x00000000414EDB24 sleep 0x00000000010EDB24 surr 0x00000000414E1AE5 test 0x00000000414E31CE night 0x00000000414E6996 mroom 0x00000000414EFB04 vol+ 0x00000000010EE31C vol- 0x00000000010E13EC ch 0x00000000414EBA45 spkr 0x00000000414ECA35 digital 0x00000000414E2AD5 delay 0x00000000414E4AB5 ^ 0x00000000414E51AE v 0x00000000414ED12E < 0x00000000414E837C > 0x00000000414E43BC set 0x00000000414E21DE 1 0x00000000010EE11E 2 0x00000000010E11EE 3 0x00000000010E916E 4 0x00000000010E51AE 5 0x00000000010EC936 6 0x00000000010E31CE 7 0x00000000010EB14E 8 0x00000000010E718E 9 0x00000000010EB946 0 0x00000000010E7986 tun-m 0x00000000010EC936 mem 0x00000000010E619E tuning+ 0x00000000010E21DE tuning- 0x00000000010EA15E direct 0x00000000010ED926 osd 0x00000000414E3AC5 clear 0x00000000414E9B64 d.skip 0x00000000414EBB44 preset+ 0x00000000414E0BF4 preset- 0x00000000414E8B74 dolby 0x00000000414E0AF5 dts_surr 0x00000000414E05FA dts_neo:6 0x00000000414E857A logic_7 0x00000000414E45BA stereo 0x00000000414ED926 end codes end remote Any help would definitely be appreciated.

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