With just a sound card*, a B&O TV and a cable, I got a remote control signal to my computer.

B&O TVs send their IR signal through the active SCART connector pin 8. It sends 1.5 msec pulses of 5V.
A single button press sends about 16 pulses that can be converted to a simple 16 bit command.

I wrote an algorithm to do this from raw 8bit 8000hz sound card input. The best thing is that it really works!!

Now I need to know how to integrate that with lirc. How do I do that? The sound-alsa driver seems nice, but where do I put the decoding of the pulses in there? Should I write a whole new driver? Can anybody give me any help?

Thanking you in advance,


*: I had to use a sound card because I blew up my parallel port. Stupid lirc: I want my money back.