My email address is valid, why am I being 'bounced'?  I have been using this email address for a couple of years now with other lists on Yahoo and Google without issues, and have received NO spam with it...  (It appears to fool the 'address collection' utilities, and that's why I created it!!!)
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I've been working on getting a working lirc config to control my DishPlayer 7200.  After getting my Digital Storage Oscilloscope out of storage and observing the waveforms from a 'real' remote control and comparing them to lirc's output and tweaking the timings as needed, I've got it to match exactly with one hitch...
Basically, the issue is that the Sattelite receiver expects to see a Header pulse, followed by the remote code repeated at least three times (with no other header pulse or trailer pulses).  So I set the "NO_HEAD_REP" flag and specified "min_repeat 3" for the remote.  
That should have done the trick, but what's happening is that the Header pulse and first remote code get sent fine -- but the 2nd and 3rd remote codes are inverted... IE: Everything that should be 'quiet' is now the modulated carrier, and everything that should be modulated is now 'quiet'.  (This is as observed on the real scope connected to my IR led on my homemade 'blaster'.)  -- So the receiver does not respond to the command...
While troubleshooting, I removed the "NO_HEAD_REP" flag and the 'repeated' key codes are not inverted and look great, but with the repeated header pulse, the receiver does not accept the signal. 
So, is this a known bug that's fixed in a newer version of lirc? 
I'm currently running lirc 0.7.1 on Fedora Core 2 (as downloaded with the MythTV package).  (Yeah, I know, FC4 is out, but I'm going to wait until I build my 'new' backend system for FC4 before I break what's working fine!) 
Thanks, and sorry if it's a long post...