I bought a Philips TiVo remote to use on the MythTV project because I love its ergonomics and it has every button I need and not many extras.
I also bought the Creative Infra Receiver (with supplied remote) and hoped to use it for the receiver.  Unfortunately I can't get them to work together.  I've got the Creative working with its own remote but not the TiVo remote.  In a Windows test pgm I downloaded and ran, it did recognize codes coming from the Tivo, but with all the lirc utils it doesn't seem to work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Note: the Tivo is supported in the lirc list of remotes (under philips) so there must be some receiver it works with, right?
Assuming I need to buy / build a new receiver, what do you suggest might work?  I'm open to building the one from the parts list, or buying some other receiver that will hopefully work better than the Creative!
Thanks for the suggestions!