Hi all,

            I’ve got a Dell 4000 Inspiron notebook with built in SMC IR (set to slow). I’ve got LIRC 0.6.4 installed under Red Hat 7.2 (stock kernel) using the “lirc_sir” module, and everything works perfectly. I’ve got a couple of remote controls that I’ve mapped out, so everything seems to be great. But unfortunately, when I play an mp3 file from the command line (with xaudio or mpg123) the “irw” and “mode2” programs do not send any codes to stdout. Basically my IR becomes completely unresponsive. Has anyone else had this? I’m guessing perhaps the sound card is conflicting/hogging? But that uses IRQ 9 and a different I/O address, so I’m a bit lost…. Any ideas anyone?


Thanks for any help.