Trying to get this working with lirc.  It’s a USB ATSC receiver.


I do have it working fine for TV under the latest Mythbuntu / Mythtv after putting the correct firmware in /lib/firmware


 dmesg  shows it gets enumerated as having an IR receiver.

 I can’t figure out how to get lirc to talk to it. 


I did try modprobe lirc_i2c on the assumption that it shows up as as an i2c device.  No luck. 

Don’t really understand how the video4linux stuff exposed the interface to lirc, or if it even works that way!  

Maybe it needs a custom lower level driver to talk to the specific hardware? 


I do realize the this device will probably only work with the RC5 style IR’s.


Any pointers on this appreciated.  I’m a hardware guy!  I think if the lirc_i2c worked I’d see some kind of lirc device in /dev that lircd talks to?  Maybe I’m way off track though!