Hi all, just to let you know that I’ve finally managed to work out this bloody remote. It’s that Speedlink SL-6399 I’ve been on about for nearly 3 weeks now. Ok for anyone that’s got one or thinking of getting one here what I’ve found out. First it thinks it’s a keyboard so you need to use dev/input, you need the linux-input-layer.conf, and you need the evdev module loaded. Then you need to type cat /proc/bus/input/devices to work out where it is. Now it’ll show up as 2 devices, and you need to know both of them and it uses one for the number keys and a couple of others and the other for the play, pause etc. Then all you need to do is run LIRCD twice, once with each device event. And hopefully all things being equal it SHOULD work. I’ve still got a slight problem with mine because my version of linux is being a bit weird and won’t let me run LIRCD twice, but I think that’s more to do with my distro then a problem with LIRC. Good luck everyone and thanks to all who helped me suss this. Chris