I've been having trouble with a program called MP3SBIR that uses LIRC to control an MP3 player. I've been working on figuring out where the problem is, and why it won't work on my computer. I'm using lirc 0.6.0... I inserted some debugging code into the program, and I've basically figured out that the mp3sbcontrol library works fine, as does lirc. From what I've
figured out, the problem is somewhere in the interface between lircd and mp3sbir, maybe the lirc client library changed and mp3sbir wasn't updated? Here's the section of code:

while((ret=lirc_nextcode(&code))==0 && code!=NULL) {
    while((ret=lirc_code2char(remote.config,code,&ircode))==0 &&
ircode!=NULL) {

      if (strcasecmp("PLAY",ircode)==0){

According to mp3sbir, it has no problem up to this point - it connects to the mp3sb socket and initializes with lircd with no problem.  But, the line I insterted (cout<<ircode;) never seems to be executed, because no matter how many buttons i push on the remote, there are no messages. Ideas anyone?