I would like to send mobile (cell) phone like keyboard entries through my remote to the Google search box in Firefox.  In Windows I found a tool to do that called FirefoxIntegrator, but despite extensive search I have not found anything similar available in Linux.
So I decided to build my own, using the method outlined in this list back in July by Christoph Bartelmus, i.e. there is no timeout function.  Instead each keystroke has to be confirmed to move on to the next.  Using the echo command with irexec does not seem to work with Firefox, but instead I am using irxevent and a command "Key x CurrentWindow" where "x" is the keystroke.
Though crude without the timeout, this works fine, but I have not found how to send the characters \ (backslash) and @ (at).  Am using an 105 type international keyboard and Swedish keyboard layout, and the keystrokes should thus be AltGr-plus and AltGr-2.  So what to use for AltGr??  Tried Alt-R and many others, but no luck.  Then realized that the Swedish keyboard was not used but rather the American (?) and the command should then be "backslash" and "Shift-L-apostrophe" - No luck here either.
Can anyone help me?
It would of course be even nicer to find a ready Linux script to do this.