I am having a small problem getting LIRC working with my IRman and programming my remote control. I need this box working with the remote control within the next 14 hours, so hopefully one of you could lend me a helping hand.


Here is the error I get when I run irrecord and it tells me to hold in a button on my remote


.irrecord: received "7398c6dce631"

irrecord: decoding failed for all remotes

1 x 199605 [199605,199605]

4 x 189866 [189848,189880]

6 x 199866 [199857,199876]

.irrecord: gap not found, canīt continue






Again, this is an IRman receiver hooked up to /dev/ttyS0 without any IrDA modules installed since they’re not needed… it receives the signals but gives me this right afterwards.