Does anybody have the 32bit SPACE_ENC code for the "DVD input Select" button for Yamaha recievers?
I've been through every single yamaha remote file in the database and hours of net searching and have yet to find the code for only this button.
In particular I have have an HTR-5730 (newer) reciever with a RAV300 remote.  My currently compiled lircd.conf file for this remote (and all input-select codes I could find that do not work for the DVD input is below:)
Thanks for any help

begin remote

name yamaha

bits 32


eps 20

aeps 200

header 8800 4400

one 550 1650

zero 550 550

ptrail 550

repeat 8800 2200

gap 38500

toggle_bit 0

frequency 38000

begin codes

POWER 0x000000005EA1F807

MD 0x000000005EA118E7

PHONO 0x000000005EA128D7

VCR3 0x000000005EA12AD5

#VCR4 0x000000005EA158E7

TUNER 0x000000005EA16897

TAPE_1 0x000000005EA19867

CD 0x000000005EA1A857

AUX 0x000000005EA1AA55

VCR2 0x000000005EA1C837

TV_CBL 0x000000005EA1E817

VCR 0x000000005EA1F00F