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* add owner field to lirc_plugin and handle module locking in lirc_dev

* lirc_unregister_plugin() must be possible even when the device is open

* accept comments not only at beginning of line

* fix tool command line options for config file

* on_enter, on_leave in .lircrc modes

* proper devfs

* make the package portable (you will be able to use LIRC with an
  Irman on Solaris)

* irrecord: fancy Kenwood repeat code 78 11243 78: repeat_tail?

* button_down & button_up codes.

* Pioneer protocol:
  add irrecord support,
  reset button state,
  implement transmitting & config file dump

* Grundig/Motorola (context?) protocol (maybe?)

* echostar protocol reported by John.colburn@shaw.ca:
  there's no gap and no ptrail although it is space encoded

* internationalization

* IrDA support (SIR support is available, real CIR support is still missing)

* integrate lircrc_config with lirc source package.

* add 'debian/' directory. (ranty)

* write a daemon to keep track of state.

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