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 contrib 2004-09-25 lirc lirc [20c22d] added hints for devfs and sysfs
 daemons 2004-10-11 lirc lirc [836323] fix usage of pre/post data with devinput
 doc 2004-10-09 lirc lirc [ae3018] lirc-0_7_0pre8 pre-release
 drivers 2004-11-07 lirc lirc [0f820d] driver does not compile on 2.6
 remotes 2004-09-25 lirc lirc [fec6c0] added some additional model information
 tools 2004-10-23 lirc lirc [dd5405] fixed core dump when font is missing
 .cvsignore 2003-05-07 ranty ranty [d67f3f] ignore
 ANNOUNCE 2004-10-09 lirc lirc [ae3018] lirc-0_7_0pre8 pre-release
 AUTHORS 2002-10-15 ranty ranty [7897e7] New email for Artur Lipowski.
 COPYING 1999-04-29 columbus columbus [f41b88] Initial revision
 ChangeLog 2001-01-11 columbus columbus [2b381c] not obvious enough
 INSTALL 2002-01-22 lirc lirc [aae799] added pointers to main documentation 2003-05-07 ranty ranty [60fb5c] Move the "hardware selection menu" to a machine...
 NEWS 2004-11-07 lirc lirc [c06fe3] release delayed due to failed regression tests
 README 2002-01-22 lirc lirc [aae799] added pointers to main documentation
 TODO 2004-04-27 lirc lirc [4ab65f] added missing module reference counting,
 acconfig.h 2004-09-11 lirc lirc [20520e] added userspce USB driver for ATI remotes (Mich...
 acinclude.m4 2004-04-25 lirc lirc [429bc1] install .ko modules on 2.6 2004-10-09 lirc lirc [02f269] updated links 2004-11-06 lirc lirc [538c41] fixed caraca config file selection 2004-05-23 lirc lirc [7d0df2] added config file for Hercules SmartTV Stereo T... 2004-10-23 lirc lirc [7692ce] added TriTan Technology TView95 2004-10-09 lirc lirc [ae3018] lirc-0_7_0pre8 pre-release

Read Me

This is the README file for LIRC, the Linux Infrared Remote Control
package. The main documentation of this package is available in HTML
format.  Please refer to the file doc/html/index.html for more

If you want to know what LIRC is and where you can get current
versions of LIRC read the ANNOUNCE file.

LIRC uses autoconf to make installation as easy as possible for its
users. The INSTALL file describes generic installation instructions
for packages that use autoconf. However you will only have to read
this file if you want to do something unusual during the installation
process which is described in the documentation very detailed.

If you are upgrading from an older version of LIRC take a look at the
NEWS file which contains all user visible changes between
releases. Also at least read the "Updating from lirc-x.y.z" sections
in the main documentation.