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Git Log

Commit Date  
[e61f9c] by ranty ranty

Implemented IntelliMouse protocol in lircmd which is more appropriate for the
pipe we use there.

2001-12-15 16:35:20 Tree
[768744] by lirc lirc

added support for ITE IT8712/IT8705 CIR port (Hans-Günter Lütke Uphues)

2001-12-12 22:40:43 Tree
[9e6e50] by ranty ranty

Added the GPL license paragraph to source files, MODULE_LICENSE
declarations and a couple of MODULE_AUTHOR and MODULE_DESCRIPTION

2001-12-12 20:26:01 Tree
[20a8f4] by ranty ranty

Include 'irman' in the list of available drivers if available.

2001-12-12 15:09:11 Tree
[4014ec] by ranty ranty

'irman' support wasn't building properly when driver 'any' was selected.

2001-12-12 14:54:47 Tree
[814a0b] by lirc lirc

implemented functions to set receiver frequency range

2001-12-08 15:07:03 Tree
[b485e6] by lirc lirc

implemented sane read function

2001-12-08 11:12:14 Tree
[72543b] by lirc lirc

check for svgalib include files added

2001-12-02 16:14:40 Tree
[9498ab] by lirc lirc

del_timer_sync() not available in 2.2.x

2001-12-02 15:31:02 Tree
[bf8dc2] by lirc lirc

docs are far from being complete...

2001-12-02 11:53:28 Tree
[af0c8f] by lirc lirc

fixed potential kernel crash due to timer still being active at module removal

2001-12-02 11:51:02 Tree
[d8d91c] by lirc lirc

increased timeout, warning in debug mode only

2001-12-02 11:49:57 Tree
[f5eab3] by ranty ranty

Christoph prefers #ifdef rather than #if with autoconf preprocesor macros.

2001-11-27 11:50:21 Tree
[d36154] by ranty ranty

ANSI-C forbids text after #endif, only comments are accepted there.

2001-11-24 09:45:08 Tree
[1aec55] by ranty ranty

Removed some compiler warnnings.

2001-11-22 14:27:15 Tree
[6ae154] by ranty ranty

automake 1.5 seams to change some variables which broke module compilation.

2001-11-20 15:26:03 Tree
[4929b0] by ranty ranty

prevent "AC_PROG_CPP was called before AC_PROG_CC" autoconf error.

2001-11-20 15:18:51 Tree
[1070cb] by ranty ranty

Generate manpages with help2man and html program manuals from the manpages.

2001-11-20 15:12:32 Tree
[3f99b2] by lirc lirc

some more buttons

2001-11-18 14:15:05 Tree
[a39183] by lirc lirc

didn't compile

2001-11-18 14:14:24 Tree
[3482b5] by lirc lirc

warning only should appear in debug mode,
otherwise the log file could fill up quite fast

2001-11-18 14:13:36 Tree
[777530] by lirc lirc

added support for Prolink PV-BT878P+9B card (Arkadiusz Miskiewicz)

2001-11-14 21:46:35 Tree
[046414] by lirc lirc

introduced better heuristic that should fix problems with repeat and most TV cards

2001-11-14 21:45:19 Tree
[d05a0f] by ranty ranty

Polishing the use of forkpty in irpty.

2001-11-14 18:05:52 Tree
[00a425] by lirc lirc

location of config files was wrong

2001-11-09 21:40:47 Tree
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